XiJaro & Pitch is a name that is slowing starting to creep into the tracklist of the major players on the Trance scene. Their sound is so driving yet they still keeps a lot of the emotion flowing throughout, so we are more than glad to have their 'In Silence', collabration with Artifi.

XiJaro & Pitch'x mix comes an electric under laying bassline and huge square riff in the break we are sure this is one Trancer that will get plenty of rotation throughout the Spring. For a perfect peak time trancer, we are also treated to an Artifi Mix where things get lounder and more banging!

On the remix is one of favorite Soho duo currently, R.E.L.O.A.D mix. Here they keep the pace of the original mixes but adding a rawer sound to proceedings, throwing in a few twists and turns on the way. Their take on the melody really does give the track a momentous feel. This is a cracking remix from another up and coming talent.

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