Volmax - Till Midnight

Gabriel Laperrière aka Volmax. Till Midnight is the first track he signed as "Volmax" and he really don't regret the waiting to get it released under Linger because he heard the remix and they are stunning! Volmax is a young trance music producer from Canada who rose in a little village between mountain and sea from which he got much inspiration. Till Midnight was named after his girlfriend told him to go to sleep but he said her let him finish his track till midnight. He finished more lately than midnight and she wasn't happy but he is happy about the track. He started to be passionate about deejaying when he was 12, he started to listen trance music when he was very young at the age of 9 then he got a DAW and start producing music. "How I can describe the track properly it make me have so many feel I can't explain with words, or don't have the good English word. Well, dreamy piano break with some angel voice and violin. Old school acid, some groovy bassline and a fat pure uplifting lead." This pack include some great remixes from very talented artist 5thDimension, Daeron, Suplifht, Ula. Listen and enjoy this piece on Linger.

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