Visionary - Dragon's Dream (Part One)

Mysterious Station presents its debut release. Two new remixes of the successful original from Visionary, 'Dragon's Dream'. Remixes by Aeden and Moonrise Temple.

Original Mix - This is the debut of a talented Uplifting producer from Russia under the name: Visionary. He gave us a wonderful song with a clear the eastern sound that justifies the title single.

Aeden Remix - Sebastien Fantoni's uplifting-trance alias 'Aeden' has long proved itself as a talented French producer with a lot of supports in a variety of trance radio show.
His new remix confirmation has been said above!

Moonrise Temple Remix - English producer Moonrise Temple gives outstanding Uplifting Trance Remix. He at the very beginning of his career, but his works are worthy of the highest ratings! Enjoy it Old School Trance sound!

I hope you will appreciate this release! In the future, expect second and third parts of the singles with remixes and other great producers!
Now we are not only a radio show, but also a massive trance label! Enjoy!

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