VA - Entrancing Music Selections 2

Little over a year since the first entry, we are proud to bring you the second installment of the Entrancing Music Selections. Once more, we deliver a package of four tracks that endeavor the different subgenres of Trance. Witness euphoric breakdowns and massive leads when Edvarvhile and Stream Noize explore the full spectrum of big room with their tracks "Guardians of the Gate" and "Tellus". Martin Graff's "Dagahnor" on the other hand creates an incredible deep atmosphere and represents the perfect bridge between mesmerizing trance and progressive. Rounding out the package is "Rome" by Austrian duo Kolliders, a pumping peak time trance track that will make you throw your hands up in the air and reach for the lasers. Miss this awesome release consisting of nothing but pure talent on your own peril!

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