VA - Abora Chillout: Best of 2015 (Mixed by Johannes Fischer & Ori Uplift)

Throughout its third year of life, Abora Chillout established itself further as a renowned label for releasing top-notch chillout music. This compilation aims to catch the very best chillout tracks released by Abora in 2015, carefully selected by Johannes Fischer and Ori Uplift.

Composed by well-known artists such as SoundLift, Afternova, Andy Blueman, and Etasonic, joined by talented newcomers debuting on Abora such as Marcin Przybylski, Anil Meydan, Simon Ross, Jaki Song & J2P, and many others, the 14 pieces on this album take you on a relaxing and breathtaking journey, immersed in the most varied ambient sounds: from deep space to urban life, from latin vibes to rock guitars, from hot desert to mysterious worlds.

Moreover, Johannes Fischer and Ori Uplift joined forces to create an amazing continuous mix of all these tracks, delivering over an hour of delight for your ears.

You can look forward to wonderful musical and inspiring moments with the Abora Chillout – Best of 2015 mixcompilation.

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