Upliftica - Overheat

TFB Records presents its 72nd release, a track called "Overheat" by Upliftica; including original mix and three great remixes.

The original mix is a great uplifting song, starting focused on bassline and progression. A great atmosphere is achieved when melody takes place and surrounds bassline. The amazing progression continues untill the breakdown comes. Then, everything goes down and a peaceful sound appears with such a huge magic; a pretty well chosen sound. A huge uplift with an unbeatable tension lead us into the climax of the song. This is the kind of uplifting you like to hear every time, warm melody, soft sounds, but keeping the power on the bassline. Perfect job by Upliftica.

First remix has been produced by Sebastian Brushwood. This producer has focused on the atmosphere of the song, giving it a vaporous and a magical taste. Progression keeps its presence as the bassline does, but no doubt, this time, atmosphere takes over everything. Specially when breakdown comes and the astonishing melody meets the power of bass, the flying mind sensation is overwhelming. Few words can describe the magical sensation that embraces the whole song, it is simply wonderful. This is one of the greatest uplifting atmospheres ever produced. A remix that deserves to be heard.

Second remix comes by the hand of our well know producer Ben'Yala, who has given the song a darker character. The bassline takes deeper sounds and the progression becomes much more serious. As song follows, an angelical atmosphere starts appearing, enhancing a lot the atmosphere. The break comes and this angelical sound becomes the main character, which gathered with a magnificent uplift achieves an awesome trance feeling. The magic does not stop, because the main part of the song keeps this stunning sound to make our minds keep flying. A track of an unbelievable quality with a deep and a beautiful sound.

Last remix has been produced by Ben'Yala as a chilled mix. This kind of music is so hard to describe. There is no better way of understanding how beautiful it is than listening to it carefully. Master piece of atmosphere, relaxing sounds, magical waves, subtle and fragile sounds... A special remix, full of passion, that every lover of downtempo music must hear.

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