Ula - Way Down The Road

Delaforce Recordings presents its 7th release. A track produced by Ula, titled 'Way Down The Road' including original mix and 4 awesome remixes by Aeden, Aziz Aouane, Fredd Moz and Skylex..

The original as usual, Ula has done yet another masterpiece. The first minute this track is played to the final last kick drum, it leaves you feeling so uplifted and electrified with goose bumps all over. When that stunning main lead comes in more intensely at 3:17, wow it'll send shivers down your spin, while accenting up to the chorus. Beautifully produced by Ula.

The first remix is by Aeden. A Massive Monster here, so well produced I can't stand it. Aeden has done an insanely epic remix with this one. Even changed the key from the original and other remixes in the pack. A lot of originality in this remix, spiced up to the max, filling it up to the whole frequency spectrum. An Epic Monster Remix by Aeden, so much freshness I love it.

The second remix in the pack is produced by Aziz Aouane. 138 BPM all the way, with one intense banging kick drum and great use of stutter vocals. At the drop, it fades in beautifully into the most gorgeous orchestral ensembles I've heard in a long time. So well produced and mixed, an awesome remix by Aziz Aouane.

The third remix is by Fredd Moz. Oh my goodness, another banger in this pack. This one is an absolute killer, almost destroyed my speakers, but wow what an uplifting as hell remix by Fredd Moz. Definitely crank this one in your DJ-SETS. Banging as banging can be, you wont be disappointed with this one.

The fourth remix is by Skylex, and it's a smasher. I love all the techy acid sounds used in this track. This remix has the whole package. It comes with stutter vocals, pianos, acid lines, groovy bass-lines and banging drums. It is sure to get any crowd up and dancing with those hands in the air moments. Exquisite Remix by Skylex.

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