Type 41 - Hope Lies Beyond

We are extremely pleased to welcome Type 41's debut release on Ennovate Recordings: 'Hope Lies Beyond'.

The release package includes the original from Type 41 and the remix from Mhammed El Alami.

Starting off with the original mix, the track goes into a very uplifting and euphoric direction with its captivating plucks throughout the introduction and its strong bassline.
It then goes into the magnificent breakdown, filled with emotional strings, dreamy piano and, of course, a blissful and catchy melody line that goes into a powerful climax.
Type 41 manages to bring a strong and passionate original track.

Mhammed El Alami was asked to remix 'Hope Lies Beyond', and managed to successfully by changing the whole atmosphere and making this song into a more club-oriented track. You can hear this in the first few seconds of the song, which has a slightly more powerful bassline, and in the straight forward breakdown that captures the main melody of the original but still manages to give it a twist by changing the energy of the track.

Type 41's debut release on Ennovate can safely be considered a success, and we can't wait for what he has prepared for us in the future!

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