Tycoos - When It All Falls Apart (Remixes)

Tycoos is making a come back with his "When It All Falls Apart", but this time it with three new shapes, totally different from each other for Trance audience.

The first remix coming with this pack comes from First Sight, he was absolutely a right choice to make a remix for this track, he added more energy to the fantastic melody, more aggressive beats and more techy elements, it is definitely the one to be played in your gig.

The second remix is from well-known emotional and orchestral music producer, Ikerya Project, in this remix you will hear more soft sounds, more emotional breakdown with orchestral chill-out elements. followed with delicate leads, makes the track a lot more enjoyable.

The third remix from Denis Sender tells a different side of story, it is a definite piece of joy, still with the same melodic elements, it has a different touch, more sprightly sounds, this track is a totally one of the best productions we have ever had at Synchronized Music ourselves.

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