Tuneflux - Frail Devotion

Next release on Pulsar Recordings comes from the Sweden's finest uplifting trance producer Tuneflux, who already proved himself on our label with a previous track; Remains. Today he brings us his latest outing that is moving the boundaries. Frail Devotion starts with firm beats, groovy baseline and acid hooks, while the second part of the intro starts revealing magical melodies. The big curtain slowly opens up and we find ourselves surrounded by the beautiful orchestral harmonies, where the best part is yet to come. The arpeggiated synths start tickling our imagination and once they go in full swing we surrender to the big climax that brings us shivers upon shivers… this is where the true power of trance music lays!

On remix side of things we have Dennis Pedersen from Denmark with whom most trance fans should be already familiar with, a guy who manages to create all sort of styles but always with one goal on his mind, and that is quality driven productions. It's no different with the remix of Frail Devotion which has an even more powerful start with the booming bass and driving bassline. The breakdown opens up with a bright piano melody that soon introduces dreamy pluck lines, packed in one big uplifting dropdown that doesn't stop until the very end.

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