Triplane feat. Juli - Fade Away (Remixes)

It has been almost a year since we released the original mix of Fade Away by Serbian trio Triplane that featured magnificent vocals of Juli. Now fast forward ahead the track is a true vocal trance classic that just begged for a proper re-release with some additional mixes, that beside the digital release are also published on CD as well.

One of our best producers have worked on the remix album, including Alekzander formerly known as Sensi, Alex Wackii teaming up with his friend Julian Wess, Ascania, Danny Chen & Bart Panco.

Danny Chen is the new name on our label, but should be a familiar name to avid trance listeners as he is already gaining support of the biggest DJ's. His remix has turned the original into a festival banger with raw synths and a breakdown to die for; introducing new lead sounds that drop on us like a tsunami.

Alekzander has upgraded his sound a lot since we last met with him on Pulsar, the remix is a perfect balance between the raw progressive sounds and emotional trance landscapes that all dance together to create one unique approach to this already amazing track.

Ascania worked his magic to make the original piece even more emotional, by adding new synths and swirling sounds that accentuate Juli's vocals even more, hitting it right in the sweet spot.

Alex Wackii & Julian Wess gave us a track with minimalistic approach, dirty sounds, pumped up bass and kick tuned to the max, ready to tear up those club speakers.

Final but not least is Bart Panco's mix, that has something unique to it, something perfect for the coming summer season, a serene and truly relaxing piece of music that will easy your day and carry you away on the lightest wave, rounding it up for this amazing re-release.

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