Transport - From Here to Eternity

The new artist of Linger Records is: "Transport"! He is a young and talented Trance producer coming from Sweden. Already counts with some works in other labels and now comes to Linger with a great release, including 2 of his original tunes, "From Here to Eternity" and "Daydreams" both in the purest Uplifting Trance style and really quality works. The first of them comes accompanied with awesome remixes by 3 of our greatest artists. They are: "A.L.A.M.I", recently presented with his own release through Linger which is having good success, now comes with this amazing remix Uplifting Trance with big strenght. "Chris Baker", one of our most productive artists and also with great success in Linger, he brings another brilliant work with essence of the 90's Trance. And "Ico", also one of our most important artists, he brings a bit different Trance remix with a darkest touch but with awesome quality. So, here is a completely recommended release with a lot of amazing tracks.

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