The Pulsarix & Spins - The Long Way Home

The winter holidays draw close and many of you will be travelling The Long Way Home to be with family and friends.
With this in mind VERSE brings you this amazing emotional uplifting release!

VERSE is excited to welcome, for the first time, very accomplished and talented music producers The Pulsarix from Germany and Spins from England with their outstanding Original Mix 'The Long Way Home'.
We start our journey at 138 BPM with driving energy leading us into a mesmeric and hauntingly beautiful break with lovely piano and euphoric build.

The second part of our journey is from the legendary Hoyaa who is returning to VERSE ,this time to remix for us.
Although still with a BPM of 138 there is more energy and a sense of urgency. Now it feels more like travelling on the motorway . The break is outstanding with unexpected ,vibrant elements added giving it a definite Hoyaa signature sound.

Returning to remix for us once again we have David Surok, a favourite here at VERSE, who takes us on the last part of our journey. Having left the fast lane we are travelling at 136 BPM in joyful expectation of journey's end. The piano break is so beautiful and the track has a repetitive 'riff' that makes us feel those miles are rushing by .

This is an exceptionally beautiful and uplifting package that has the feel and driving energy of
a really emotional journey.

We hope you will travel with us at VERSE, to journey's end, enjoy this release and give it your much appreciated support.

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