The Mexican EP - Digitalizado Part 1

For this release Digitized have tried something a bit different. With the sudden surge of talent coming out of Mexico, this release brings together 6 Mexican artists to offer a huge release that has something for everyone. With 6 original tracks from each artist you will not want to miss The Mexican EP: Digitalizado Part 1.

First up comes Patatas, a track from Vlind under his new progressive guise Yelian. This progressive track starts put with dark fx, deep low bass, subtle percussion and a big tough kick. A gradual builder, as all good prog trance should be, this track keep developing as new elements come in to keep it moving forwards. A sharp pluck and eerie sounding pads take the track up to the break, giving it an almost mystic feel. In the break big low pads are complemented by a lead that gives real atmosphere to build the track up to its drop. The big bass and panning lead give the track real depth and this track is one that's sure to please prog trance lovers everywhere.

Next up is Mike Rodas with an uplifting trancer with a dark edge to it. The tough punchy kick will give you an instant idea of where this track is going. As the sub bass drop, hold on to your heads, as it might just make it fall off. Uber smooth and rich the sub bass complements the rolling mid bass that gives the track it's drive while plucks and short stab effects give the track great progression, and big reverb'd piano takes it to the break. A dark gritty bass pad, gives way to warm, emotional strings pads that will take listeners on a emotional journey before hitting them with a big uplifting chord driven hook. Building with big snares to the drop, this tune back in with a bang, with that big kick and bass really taking the track to the next level. If you like big bass, and orchestral breaks then this is a track you need in your collection.

The third track comes from Aizen and is called Addicted. This is one for those who like their trance more melodic but still full of energy. Tight punchy kicks and sharp edgy basses are supported by big tough subs and rolling percussions. Tech style chords keep the track developing and subtle plucks and filtering pads add elements as it reaches in mini drop, where it goes back to its minimal elements, leading it up to the break. Bringing the main hook straight into the track, the chords and piano complement the sidechained pads to give the track a great vibe, building it to its drop. With its more melodic drop this track is one for the pure trance heads and one that offers something different to the others on the release, but equally one you don't want to miss. Nice and atmospheric the drop will have crowds bouncing all over the world.

Track four called F.E.L, comes from Imida and offers a driving uplifting trance track. Rolling mid basses and punchy kicks build the track to the main bass which gives the track real energy right from the off. Warm pads help to build the atmosphere of the track and plucky leads continue to build the track up towards the break. A clean bright piano adds yet more depth and takes the track to the drop, where big strings and nice progressions give the track a really warm feel that will have crowds reaching for the sky. The chord lead builds the track supported by the piano again to take the track to its climax. Coming back in with power and energy the track has a very uplifting feel and will certainly get dance floor bouncing. This is a real uplifting trance track and definitely one for those who like their music with lots of emotion.

With track 5 Mike Norvak, brings another big uplifting trancer to the release with Anywhere You Are. Starting out with some techie percussions the track drops with a bang and tight rolling bass with minimal percussions and punchy kick set will make this a great track to drop mix into. Warm plucks and pumping pads build the tension in the track and the addition of a key change keeps the track developing. At the break deep pads and bright plucks give the track great atmosphere before the main hook filters in lifting the track to the next level. With a relatively short build up the track doesn't mess about and brings the beat back in with bang. This is a real nice uplifter and the elements blend well together giving it hands in the air atmosphere and driving energy, the perfect mix for uplifting trance.

And finishing Digitalizado Part 1 is Diego Morrill who brings a tougher edge to the EP with Gravedad. Chunky kick and gritty rolling bass will make this a track a hit with people like trance with energy and power. The bassline gives great movement to the track and small key changes and short snare fills move the track along well and then Fx give it nice depth and detail. Unlike many track it has a small mini break which brings in a plucky saw lead and builds the track to the next level as it approaches the break. Building from an edgy pad the break drop will have rooms erupting with energy as it develops slowly, building up with a subtle warmth, before a huge riser takes the track up to the main drop, hitting listeners with big energetic drop and hook that will work great on big club systems this track offers a more techie vibe than the others on the EP, but still one not to be missed.

With 6 original tracks from 6 different producers Digitalizado Part 1 offers something for everyone and a great pack from some future producers who are sure to grow in stature. Definitely one for the collection.

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