The two talented Russian producers The Cloudy Day hit Ennovate Recordings with their stunning debut 'Pulser'.

The release starts off with the powerful original mix, a combination of rhythmic basslines and drums that lead onto a deep and emotional breakdown.

The two Russian composers prove that they know how to create a energetic blend of passion and strength with the main climax that will definitely make you move wherever you are.

Next on the release is label boss Mhammed El Alami's remix, who brings an extra emotional touch to the track by adding a gentle piano and revisiting the main climax of the original mix.

And we are proud to welcome Manuel Rocca in the label with his vision of 'Pulser' as the final remix of the release. With its straight forward breakdown and minimalistic but efficient climax, Manel Rocca's remix is the perfect track to play in the club and to get everyone dancing.

The Cloudy Day hit Ennovate with a storm with 'Pulser', they provided a magnificent track that has been revisited by some of the finest remixers of the Ennovate Family and we cannot wait to hear what they'll provide next!

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