Swilow & Joer Van Ray - Who You'll Be

Making their debut on Critical Uprising is the Russian duo Swilow & Joer van Ray with the release of a stunning EP featuring 3 tracks.

The Original Mix intro comprises of a strong kick over a rolling baseline, then accompanied by an acid infused swirling pad and haunting vocal chops. With heavenly vocals that add to the rapturous feel of the uplifting arps, this masterpiece will leave you mesmerised as you enter the perfect uplifting drop. The dub mix that really places an emphasis on the beauty of the uplifting elements within the track, taking the listeners on a blissful journey.

Joining the duo on this uplifting melodic track is Diamans. As the angelic piano lead builds up, it is more than enough to make all listeners transcend into a 'bright world'.

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