Suncatcher - Origin

Suncatcher emphatically returns to Always Alive Recordings with a fresh helping of the Romanian's brilliantly unique 'Origin' - the ambient original of which featured on Enhanced's Chill compilation in 2014.

A true testament to the uplifting sound of Always Alive Recordings, 'Origin' is a perfect fit on the label with a club-inspired makeover and brings yet another classic Suncatcher production the widely received Trance imprint. Filled with sun-kissed melodies, dancing piano leads and soft, rolling bass all built around climactic ebbs & flows, the redefined 'Origin' is a gorgeously complete Suncatcher release.

Proving he's one of the scene's most coveted talents with yet another superb uplifter, Suncatcher is back on Always Alive with the long lived, 'Origin'.

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