Romanian Trance luminary Suncatcher returns to Always Alive Recordings for the producer's latest delivery of exquisite, sun-kissed uplifting Trance, this time bringing 'Clue Is In The Title'.

Renowned for his distinctive, airy melodies and attentive production touches, Suncatcher's productions consistently prick the ears of leading DJs. 'Clue Is In The Title' bucks the trend slightly with a slightly tougher, techier affair. Instantly recognisable as a Suncatcher production thanks to thoughtout melodies, rising chords and layered bass, Suncatcher proves he's a producer with immense talent as 'Clue Is In The Title' unravels into a twisting, Progressive, melodic journey.

Rounding off another brilliant production on Always Alive Recordings, Suncatcher proves his talent with the superb 'Clue Is In The Title'.

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