Static Bloom & DJ Massymo Tn - I Miss You

We are on the verge of Autumn, yet summer won't pass so quickly. 'I Miss You' the definition of a pure summer tune, made by 'Static Bloom & DJ Massymo Tn' a beautiful collaboration full of instruments & chillful nature sounds. A delightful journey into the melodic atmosphere of trance this remarkable progression provides to the listener.

Remixing three debutant, just like the original artists. 'Acynd & Solewaas' taking the bpm higher keeping that original feel giving a slight energy boost on the climax. 'Imida' goes uplifting with a typical twist, changing the entire outcome. And finally 'Neil Redden' with the attacking Uplifting hardness energizing by taking the pack to a complete different place.

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