Sollito & Seawayz - Helion / Alkyne

Sollito & Seawayz land on Always Alive Recordings with their stellar debut EP, 'Helion / Alkyne'.

Kicking off with the grooving, techy 'Helion' Sollito & Seawayz introduce themselves with a tightly produced, grooving Progressive gem. Rolling bass, sweeping atmospherics and ringing chords all feature in a perfectly streamlined opener with one seriously catchy lead.

Next up, 'Alkyne' delivers a similarly precise & pleasing Trance journey. Deft piano chords litter meticulous, glowing soundscapes and surging FX to complete the EP in emphatic form.

One of the label's more Progressive entries into the catalogue Sollito & Seaways announce their arrival with 'Helion / Alkyne'.

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