Solid Skill - Missing You

Now comes to Linger Records Solid Skill! They are a fresh Dutch duo which is having quite successful in the Trance scene. Counting with a beautiful voice and quality production, currently released some of their tracks in the most important labels of the commercial Trance style and recognized in the most popular radio shows. We are glad to present their last work named "Missing you", a vocal Progressive Trance tune of great quality which is accompanied with 2 massive Uplifting Trance remixes brought to us by our great A&R Darren Clarke. Thank you, Darren! The remixes are 2 of our best artists: "Etasonic" and "Hypaethrame". Both as always made really amazing works of great strength and quality. So, this pack is very complete and 100% recommended since is full of awesome tracks by great artists of the scene. You can’t miss this full release!

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