Sebastian Montano - Augurio

Sebastian Montano from Cali, Columbia comes to the Beyond The Stars Recordings envelope with 'Augurio'.

The Original falls you down to the break, the vocals giving you the personal touch before building you to a higher level throughout the bright nuances of the track!

The Blue5even Remix has a progressive kick that leads the track forward. This does not take away from the power of the leads, or any other part of the track. All will keep you focused in with the energy!

The Aldo Henrycho Remix is uplifting with its bright, energetic kick. This encourages the fall of the break to be power... It does not disappoint! The sounds will draw you in and not let you go!

Augurio has a balance of sound that will always give the variation needed to entertain. After this collection has been played, you will want to hear each track again and again!

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