Sebastian Brushwood - Dreaming

Sebastian Brushwood from the little kid he wanted to be an artist. He is from Poland.
His first inspiration was Jean Michael Jarre and Michael Cretu. Unfortunately, it was very hard to be on the equipment, because VSTs were not so common that time. He started his productions from FL Studio and he knows it from very beginning.

At the age of 27 he started thinking about making his own music on FL Studio like many other guys. His first track "Long Way To Paradise" was supported by artists: ReOrder, Suzy Solar, Vaselin Tasev, Ori Uplift. His last track's was supported by artist: Allen & Envy, Manuel Le Saux, Giuseppe Ottaviani.
He enjoy what he do and he want to make it more interesting for listeners.

Dreaming is great uplifting track with Uplifting epic melodies combined with driving baselines and huge euphoric atmospheres.

This pack has some great remixes from Purple Rays, Fisical Project and Cosmic Heaven. This complete pack will be awesome. You guys will defiantly enjoy this piece.

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