Sean Tyas - Degeneration Volume Two

The second of three EP installments from his forthcoming artist album Degeneration, Sean Tyas returns with another forward thinking, ambidextrous slice of cutting edge music. Three unique records possessing the trademark Degenerate attitude and punch. Degeneration EP Volume 1 gave you straight up 140 tech (Way Down in Mexico), techno (9am) and breaks (Swarm) of the highest order, and here in this second chapter we present a full on psychedelic masterpiece in the form of Vagabond, a heads down hard and unrelenting techno battering-ram that is Ambush and the sublime, movie-esque, liquid drum & bass soundscape - Diffuse.

Few manage to express themselves so successfully, so effectively across multiple genres while still retaining a tight grip on their roots and their core sound. Once again Sean shows us that he while he is an entity that refuses to be pigeon-holed - he is able to explore all sides to his repertoire without raising any eyebrows. He is a true master of his studio and the tools contained therein and so why regurgitate when this ability drives you to innovate? The story of The Degenerate continues…

Watch this space for the final Degeneration EP (Jan 2016) and the full album (Feb) - which will include a hand picked package of headline remixes as well as some powerful bonus material.


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