Sailors - Let's Go

Belly full after coming back through the pouring rain, after enjoying some delicious dim sum at one of the local yum chas, The Bearded Man muttered to himself: 'This is what I get for visiting Guangzhou in August!' As he escaped into his small flat, he took off his soaked jacket and turned on TVB, Miss Hong Kong was on once again. He dug into the fridge to pull out some of that good old Zhu Jiang beer and sat down on the small couch. Thunder crackled and boomed as entire swimming pools of water dumped themselves onto the outside of his thin windows. 'No need to go to the pool today' he thought, 'looks like the pool came to me for once!' Earlier he had made a deal with one of his new friends to visit the Canton Tower on a Pearl River night cruise after a long, sightseeing bike ride, but now it seemed like that plan wasn't going to happen anytime soon. As he quaffed more of that Dutch courage, he began to adopt a new attitude. 'You know what? F*** it,' he thought, picking up his phone. He called his buddy, toothy grin on his hairy face, and said "Let's go!" He grabbed another beer or six for the road and hopped onto his bike, completely accepting the fact that the rain wouldn't be stopping anytime soon. He rode all the way to the river through one of the worst storms of the season, ringing his little bell like a maniac and laughing in the face of God. He wasn't much of a sailor, but he imagined himself out in the middle of the ocean during an unexpected storm. Best. Night cruise. Ever.

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