Roman Messer & Sarah Shields - A Light Inside

Eighteen months ago, a young talent from Russia Roman Messer, created a remarkable record label Suanda Music. As the saying goes "in a good company time flies", the label is celebrating its 50th anniversary release maded by Roman Messer itself, recorded with vocalist from France Sarah Shields.

The track was made in support of the debut album from Roman Messer, which will be released in 2015. The track is made in the corporate style: killing bassline, sensual piano in breakdown, decorated with beautiful vocals of Sarah and firm Lead in the climax, gives us a new club hit from Roman Messer. In addition to debut album, which will include the track, he had already entered the legendary compilation TranceMission 2015 - Mixed By Feel & Roman Messer.

A small gift for the audience to celebrate the 50th release, can be called, the debut on Suanda Music of a famous trance producer Tibor Tomecko aka ReOrder that present us his remix on this incredible track. Tibor has prepared a bomb in the style of Uplifting Trance: all the same magical vocals with melodic piano, but the culmination is more aggressive, it will blow any dance floor and satisfy fans of speedy trance.

Finally resident of Suanda Music Denis Sender prepared a beautiful Chill Out Summer Remix. Denis experiment was a success, listening to this version of the track, you can forget about all problems and just enjoy the great vocals of Sarah and balearic sounds,which will allow you as you relax on the beach and slowly sipping a cocktail.

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