Someday' made with Robin Vane the final single of debut album of Roman Messer called 'New Life'.

Roman created a slow-paced, warm-up sort of a tune - not a peaktime secret weapon for sure, but nevertheless a soothing melodic work with vocal of Robin for smooth and flowing radio sets.

Joe Garrett aka Temple One debuts on Suanda Music with amazing Uplifting Remix. A massive uplifter, this remix is bound to make quite some damage on the dancefloors. High-speed, melodic and with an energetic rolling bassline at its core, is a track you can't go wrong with: be it a radio mix, a live set in a packed club or - who knows - maybe even a big open air, made for moments of any uplifting set.

Our good friend Denis Kenzo comes back to Suanda Music with another good remix. Denis's take on the track seems to be similar to original in its slow and melodic pace and powered attempt at an anthem-sounding in radio style.

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