Newest release on Pulsar Recordings comes from Rick Ferrero, an upcoming Russian producer who brings us a sweet; progressive debut, titled Air Clouds. Groovy pads keep us entertained from the very start with the addition of beautiful vocal chops which add that extra flavor on top. In the breakdown the story unwinds further and opens up to the listeners just like the spring flower. Soft piano melody takes the lead while the rich pads provide an excellent backdrop to it.

On remix side of Air Clouds we have one of Iran's most exciting trance producers at the moment. His artist alias is Last Soldier and his vision of this already beautiful track has been turned into a massive uplifting trance version. Rolling basslines and magical plucks is what will keep us going through the intro until the breakdown reveals the familiar vocals from the original. From there on the track gets more and more beautiful as we go by and let our senses go.

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