Rh feat. Matilda Modigh - The Serpent's Tongue

Boom! Here is something absolutely huge on Vendace! Do you know who's the Serpent? It is ancient God, betrayer. Rh with Matilda Modigh presents fantastic debut track The Serpent's Tongue. This emotional trance track is full of dark emotional feelings and it is epic! Massive electro bass, piercing vocals of Matilda and epic leads in the main hook work well together! What a track?!

But that is not all we have in the pocket for you! Mhammed El Alami is back with his uplifting banging touch. This time he delivers mystical oriental 138bpm trance with gorgeous sound! It keeps the listener in suspense from beginning to end! Do you like uplifting? It is time for you to enjoy this great remix!

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