A series that I started following when Signum and Nicholson picked up the reigns - it looks like "Resonate" has now entered it's final chapter with a double CD set of banging uplifters.

I'll be honest and say I don't follow Tidy Trax religiously, not do I know a huge deal about Bryn Whiting or Adam Dixon, but they've put together a great compilation here - check it out!


Establishing itself back in 2002 when Lee Haslam began the series, Resonate has been the arguably one of Tidy’s most loved album projects. Pioneering the brutal sound of hard trance it’s helped establish the careers of many of the DJ’s who compiled and mixed it.

In 2021 though the series comes to an end, this time mixes by two DJ’s who have recent signed to Tidy Management and who are already making waves in the hard trance scene. Bryn Whiting & Adam Dixon serve up two mixes of outstanding quality with 35 tracks and remixes from names like Nicholson, Lee Haslam, Guyver, Sean Tyas, Darren Porter, NG Rezonance and some exclusives from them guys themselves. A journey not to be missed!



01 Adam Dixon – Tomorrow
02 Darren Porter & Sean Tyas – The Potion (Metta & Glyde Remix)
03 Roman Messer – Can You See The Light
04 Guyver – Man on the moon (Adam Dixon 2021 Remix)
05 Prime Mover – Feel What I Feel (Rhys Elliott Remix)
06 Adam Dixon – Dark Light
07 Adam Dixon – Tension
08 Jay Flynn & Gary Bolton – Symbiotic
09 NG Rezonance & PHD – Acid Drop
10 Dominant Space – Acid Rave
11 Jak Aggas – Bish Bash Bosh
12 F.G. Noise – Crusader
13 Metta & Glyde – After the Fire
14 Rydex & Exouler – Elements
15 Indecent Noise & Noire Lee – Sunglasses At Night (Raw Tech Audio Remix)
16 Sholan – Snake Eyes
17 Kaimo K – Saviour
18 Ram & Allen Watts – Colosseum

01 Lee Haslam – The Power
02 Technikal & Nicholson – System Shock (Dan Thompson Remix)
03 Bryn Whiting – The Parade
04 Nicholson & Quake – Life’s A Dream
05 Bryn Whiting – You Are Still Alive (Nicholson Remix)
06 Bryn Whiting – Live A Little
07 SystemShock & Bryn Whiting – Never Surrender
08 Lee Haslam – Liberate (Bryn Whiting Remix)
09 Nicholson feat. Emoiryah – Now We Are Free
10 Bjorn Akenson & Rinary – Icicles
11 Kenny Palmer – Sun Reaver
12 Metta & Clyde – The Distance Between
13 NG Rezonance – Hypersonic
14 Kenny Palmer – Over To You
15 Jody 6 – Chasing The High
16 Sonicwork – Spark
17 Will Atkinson – The Last Rave

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Space Garden

tracklist looks very good, alot powerful trancers