Raytheon - Caldera 2014

Caldera by Raytheon is one of those tracks that leave your whole body shivering once you indulge yourself in this piece of art. When we released this track back in 2012. we could not have imagined the success it will reach. It went on becoming a true classic of Pulsar Recordings, people all across the world loved it to bits, even saying they would like it to be their funeral dirge.

Fast forward to the present moment and we are prolonging the life of this amazing track by releasing a re-mastered version along with remixes by the well-known producers Ahmed Romel, TrancEye & Farzam.

Ahmed Romel's remix comes in two versions, the first one includes a haunting vocal line by Laurence Fishburne from the Matrix movie while the second one is the instrumental version. Ahmed introduced new leading synths in this remix that gives Caldera a whole different meaning with those hard kicks and rolling basslines that sit beneath it making this track worth of a listen anytime.

TrancEye is presenting his take under the Electronic Dreams alias. His remix starts with one of the familiar synths from the original arranged to his own liking. It carry us all the way to the breakdown, where you will recognize a lot of the elements from the original that are now upgraded to sound even more impressive!

Farzam decided to shake things a bit and experiment the most with Caldera than his colleagues did. He did keep the essence of the original but incorporated a lot of the new elements. Breakdown feels totally different with those soaring piano lines and ancient vocals followed by the powerful synth that keeps building and building until it drops us high above the clouds rounding it up for a proper re-release of this timeless classic.

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