Raphael Mayers - Endless Emotion

Polish Talent 'Raphael Mayers' makes his debut on Sensual Bliss Recordings. The 34th release expresses a progressive euphoric sensation. 'Endless Emotion' starts with a downtempo slow pace, accompanied by bouncy synths till the atmospheric sounds blend in, followed by a pluck & pad drive. A dreamy break relaxes the ear, building to a jumpy drop, keeping the beautiful sounds floating all the way through. The break piano re-enters giving the composition a euphoric calmness. That's what makes this track unique.

On the remix duties, we have three different & talented artists. 'Jackob Rocksonn' takes us deep into his territory with a lovely twist. An entire different perspective going through the build. Flying synths in the breakdown, make an atmospheric drop followed by a dark ambiance. The pluck plays a big role in leading the track ultimately capturing the vibe in the structure.

The next two remixes are high in the lifts. We are proud to present our first female artist in our roster! 'Minamoca' from Japan whispers her magic on a delightful track. So much influenced by her culture, the synths used in her work are pretty obvious. If you need a happy journey, you can't but add this marvelous work to your set.

The last remix in this pack, comes from Central America, precisely from Mexico City. 'Karzen' brings another level of Trance, going Uplifting & Tech at the same time. The kinda track that you destroy a dancefloor during a liveset. Keeping the feeling of the original in his buildup, a euphoric breakdown is also present until the real acidic drop takes control. An insane attack starts & takes the track to another level!!

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