Qpolit - Pianeta Terra

Number 39 on the label's roster is a newcomer by the name of 'Qpolit'. A divine uplifting composition called 'Pianeta Terra' which means 'Planet Earth' in Italian. Very driving & euphoric track that really resembles the nature of our planet. An instrumental break that puts a smile on your face, shapes the track to another ground, opening the room for a delightful lead in which emotions & intensity engage to completion in the drop.

On the remix, we have another debuter 'Dima Ryazanov' aka 'Dim Line' from Belarus. Changing the mood & the bpm to lower & melodical standards. This progressive remix pretty much expresses calmness & coolness in terms of music especially when the instruments kick in the break. A build up oriented drop resurfaces, creating a blissful & sublime phenomenon.

The second new remixer 'Breekler' started going hard on the elements with a fast pace bassline and a repeating riff all the way till the breakdown. With all that attack in the build, an instrumental & dreamy break changes the concept of the original track. Slowly building to a synth-leading creation, the main lead just works perfectly on the powerful drop!

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