Proyal - Bazaar

Bazaar is open now. For the second year running, one of the most qualified name from Iran trance scene Proyal, made it to an Blue Soho / Soholand compilation. His banging ethnic sounds have left the trance scene in awe with 'Bazaar', a strong and melodic trance track that enforced the fourth CD on our Soholand, with Corderoy's remix.

Proyal did it again. Bazaar outshines the rest with a calm and soothing but flaming trance track, having caught the exact right melody from East to keep you going during the final minutes of a long night of hanging out in a real Bazaar. A highlight you'll feel in your bones.

The faster and stronger remix from B side of trance is explored by UK trance gosu Corderoy. Perfect pick for your peak-time set lists.

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