TFB Records presents its 183rd release with the original song Suncatcher produced by Phil Dinner; including original mix and two vast remixes by Cosmic Heaven and Omniks.

Thirty seconds are enough to fall in love with the original song. We have missed a lot the incredible sound from Phil Dinner, one of the finest Uplifting producers out there. The mix of a stunning euphoric sound with an unbelievable harmony coming from the melody is what we find on this gem. Time for the emotions comes with the breakdown and with its epic story and its overwhelming notes. A gorgeous uplift helps connecting the story with the rest of the sounds in a explosion of sound of an untold beauty. Songs with such a tremendous level of quality and purity are always hard to describe and this one is a great example. Take a deep breath and get ready to feel how your mind scape to different world while listening to this masterpiece. Huge job by Phil Dinner, congratulations mate!

Cosmic Heaven is the well known artist behind the first remix. He has put a lot of power into the baseline creating a wonderful progression full of energy and uplifting taste. The addition of some beautiful chords and the epic ambience enhance in such an incredible way the coming of the breakdown. The level of tension achieved and the deep character of the atmosphere is just astonishing, you will realize that you are surrounded by a sound impossible to handle, you will feel immersed in it, and once you loose control, the song takes control of your feelings. A lot of surprises and impossible levels of perfection await for us after the breakdown in what is one of the greatest rushes of emotions we have ever listened. Cosmic Heaven always delivering ultra quality music. If you think you have already listened everything in your life, that nothing can surprise you, try with this flawless remix.

To close this perfect release, we will get stunned with the remix by Omniks. An energetic Uplifting with the exact dose of wildness leads the progression of this dancefloor breaker. The energy is too strong that it just takes your breathe away in an unstoppable progression to the deepest sound. We will only find some peace when the breakdown appears, but it will just help to enhance the ambience and to immobilize us while surfing our deepest thoughts. Do not hesitate for a second, take this rollercoaster and forget everything you would have known before. Let the incredibly massive Uplifting to take control of your life for just a few minutes and enjoy the unforgettable experience. Again we have few words to describe how well Omniks closes this perfect release. Gorgeous remix by Omniks, a must for all the true lovers of god's music.

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