Phil Dinner - Borobudur

TFB Records presents its 115th release, a track by Phil Dinner called Borobudur; including original mix and an amazing remix by Six Senses

The original mix is simply a masterpiece of trance music. The way the producer has introduced a mystic soul and awesome feelings into the mix is just incredible. The way the song progresses is also impressive, the intro will stun us all since its first beat. By the time the breakdown comes, the experience of full peace and beauty will surround us, taking out our breath and leaving our mind clear to deeply feel how magic exists in music. Few more words can be said about this song, it deserves to be listened, enjoyed and felt to understood this description. Massive work by Phil Dinner, huge congratulations.

To remix this track it was necessary to have both skill and inspiration, and it was Six Senses who had to deal with it. And the result could not have been better, the emotional soul of the song has been enhanced and also the power has been boosted. The remixer has produced an emotional uplifting track of an extraordinary quality, with stunning sounds and a melody that will be in our mind for a very long time. Remix that surely will reach the heart of most of the uplifting lovers. Music with an untold level of quality and the purest level of magic. Incredible remix by Six Senses.

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