Paul Rigel - Good Morning

Alter Ego's Paul Rigel makes a bold return on the main label with an immense labor of love, Good Morning! Bringing in release 191, the Polish producer provides a high intensity uplifting workout, boasting every component needed to rock the shop! Mhammed El Alami completes the only remix with a superb turbo charged rendition that is set to cause havoc amongst the speed freaks!

The original mix of Good Morning glows with its fine electric upholstery, pure atmospherics, huge haunting top line, floor shattering undertones and a wonderfully crafted emotive breakdown! A mesmerizing anthem in its own right which just keeps on evolving with little time to catch your breath! Relentless energy throughout, enjoy the ride!

On the flip Mhammed El Alami outputs warm undertones, driving percussion, electric plucks, beautiful lulling pianos, emotive pads and the highly insatiable theme from the original.

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