Ozo Effy - Ria

Ozo Effy trio from St. Petersburg back on this hot summer to Suanda Music with a new single "Ria".

Ozo Effy known for their stylish epic trance sound, so the guys didn't change to themselves, and presented to our judgement a new track: stunning epic breakdowns begins with atmospheric sounds and pads, which are accompanied by the singing of the choir and a wonderful memorable piano that leads us the classical banging riff that makes culmination of the whole track itself memorable.

For all fans of the club Trance there is a wonderful remix by Eximinds, which is the exact opposite of the original mix. Russian duo had proven themselves among the large producers and world-class projects in EDM, worth to note that Eximinds participated three times at the biggest festival "A State Of Trance" and now debuts on Suanda Music. Guys differ in their trademark sound, and here, in the best traditions of their style they presented their version of the track Ria: energetic and powerful bassline which break any dancefloor supported by excellent melody with brand lead, as a result another bomb from Eximinds.

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