Oldfix - Flux

Delaforce Recordings presents its 5th release. A track produced by Oldfix, titled ‘Flux’ including original mix and 4 exceptionally produced remixes by Angel Ace, D’nial, Moonrise Temple and R3Dub.

The original mix is a beautiful progressive produced track. Starts off with the intro as it introduces an awesome stutter vocal effect, before it hits the hard roaring bass-line at the 32nd bar mark. It builds up to a pleasant cruising verse, until it ascents to the drop. Suddenly a sexy lead melody smashes straight in, which drives up to the chorus with all elements playing together.

The first remix in the pack is produced by Angel Ace. It is an epic banger from start to finish from this skilled producer. 138 BPM at its full glory. Kick starting off at the intro with already so much power, subtle background stutter vocals, along with groovy acid lines to match. Definitely a banger to play towards the end of your DJ-SETS. A massive remix here by Angel Ace.

The second remix is by D’nial, and wow this one goes off’ski, awesome use of stutter vocals & effects. Climbs up from the verse into the drop and boom, a beautiful breakdown appears. Builds up to the powerful main lead melody with all guns blazing. A true masterpiece by D’nial.

The third remix is by Moonrise Temple, comes in with a rolling bass-line that carries all the way through the track. When it hits the drop, the main lead filters in and builds up to the drums & bass. Moonrise Temple has produced a very nice progressive 140 BPM styled banger here.

The forth remix is by R3dub, with their third remix for Delaforce Recordings. He certainly an inspiring artist of 2015. Starts of nicely with the intro building up to the first verse then slows down to the drop. Soft atmospheric pads come in, while leading up to the uplifting as hell main lead. This remix will smash your sound system with R3dub’s massive kick & bass combination. Superb remix by R3dub.


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