Here we have the mighty producer Obi, presenting two new original songs in this release number 031, 'A New Day' and 'Hymalaya'

A New Day delivers a delightful sound, starting with a soft baseline and with a remarkable presence of a subtle atmosphere that releases such a peaceful sound. With our heart full of joy we reach the breakdown, in which the extremely beautiful notes completely blind us with their untold level of magic. This is where your journey begins, so empty your mind and let the sound to take you somewhere beyond human boundaries. Reaching the highest quality, Obi gathers a lot of sheer sounds to release an indescriptible amount of pure magic within the climax. If you like dreaming, do not miss this masterpiece of the storytelling Trance music!

Hymalaya is the other original song included into this remix, and it presents a much powerful sound, standing on the uplifting side of Trance music. But it is also embraced by an atmosphere full of soft sounds, giving to the whole mix an emotional soul. It is in the breakdown, where the mental shockwave rushes into, freezing the space-time around us and taking out all our most desirable thoughts to an indescriptible level. Keep your mind wide open to receive the unbelievable rush of emotions released during this breakdown. And get ready to reach an incredible climax once this impressive melody meets the baseline. It is hard to find words that accurately describe this gem, so go listen it by yourself and enjoy!

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