NoMosk & Lucid Blue - Inside The Fire

Third release of Suanda Voice. Good single of Andrei Bushmelev aka NoMosk and Lucid Blue called 'Inside The Fire'.

Original Mix is made in a firm style of the label Suanda, it is an incredible and fascinating mix, that is best for listening when you resting on the beach, and by relaxing get the real pleasure from the magnificent vocals and amazing sounds.

Mhammed El Alami Remix - the modern sound, Uplifting Trance in the best traditions with atmospheric sound, accompanied by the hit vocals, proves once again that the rapid trance 138 BPM live and loved by everyone.

Last but not least, the remix closing this package is a chillout interpretation from Seven24 & Soty. Moving the focus from the dancefloor features of electronic music to the melody and vocal, they created a perfect soundtrack for those special chilled evenings, a relaxing one and highlighting the vocals just right.

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