Nikolauss & Valexki - Shakti (Remixed)

TFB Records proudly presents our 152nd release, one we have been expecting for a long time. This release brings two stunning remixes of one of the best tracks we have recently launched, these are the remixes of Skylex and Syntouch for the song Shakti, originally produced by Nikolauss & Valexki.

Skylex presents a very beautiful remix, with a huge presence of subtle sounds mixed with a powerful baseline. The atmosphere achieved is just amazing, releasing an incredible amount of beauty within the intro, and making our way to the breakdown. It could seem very tough, but the level of beauty increases in an exponential way when the ambience gives way to the melody. Magnificent remix by Skylex, overpassing all the expectations. An unbelievable gem of pure magical sound brought to us by this master of perfection. This is an uplifting song that will remain deeply inside our minds for a long time. Congratulations Skylex!

The other remix is the one signed by Syntouch, another master of production who has bet for creating an entire new world in his song. A great baseline supports an astonishing vaporous ambience with some winks from the main melody, making the progression and leading us into the deep world of wonders and emotions. It is simply impossible to describe how massively the rush of beauty floods our minds in the breakdown. An incredible piano played by Syntouch is the responsible of conveying all these feelings. Get ready to close your eyes and feel one more time your true inner love for uplifting with this masterpiece. Gorgeous remix achieved by Syntouch.

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