Nick Callan & OzzyXPM - Eizariya / Awoken

New people on Suanda Music. Nick Callan and OzzyXPM united in duo and produced EP release with tracks Eizariya / Awoken.

Both tracks are made in firm sound and each has its own unique flavor. Eizariya - a true Epic Trance with Arabic sounds, accompanied by atmospheric choir, with a nice catchy tune. Awoken - this track is definitely made for the dance floor, clearly set bassline, sensual breakdown and a powerful climax, make jump all listeners under the track.

Specially for fans of fast, true trance, have been made remixes by our residents: NoMosk and Alpha Force. NoMosk remixed track Eizariya, create a real emotional Uplifting Trance. Remix virtually not similar to the original, but still the main melody remains unchanged and memorable. Alpha Force has prepared its own version of the track Awoken maded in Uplifting Trance style. Deep bassline, acid sounds, atmospheric breakdown and original melody with bright culmination, as a result we got a real hit for any events.

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