Nicholson - Nitrous / Electric

TA022 introduces one of the most exciting Tech-Trance producers to come out of the UK, Carl Nicholson. Nicholson's Tangled Audio debut is nothing short of epic, with both tracks being peak-time acid-infused bombs.

Nitrous opens the release with a huge rattling bassline, layers of acid and very unique motorcycle racing inspired FX. The breakdown is a pure masterpiece of Trance production, featuring live performance sound effects and an epic solo guitar ballad before introducing the track's powerful main lead. Already supported by Jordan Suckley on his forthcoming Goodgreef compilation, 'Nitrous' is the pinnacle of high energy peak-time Tech-Trance!

'Electric' closes the release with just as much energy as 'Nitrous', with driving basslines, dreamy melodies, an epic Uplifting lead and a gorgeous piano. Definitely the more melodic of the two, 'Electric' is still very much a dance floor destroyer!

A massive Tangled Audio debut from one of the most talented producers to come out of the UK. Not to be missed!

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