Nicholson - Crack On / Genius

UK Hard Trance legend Carl Nicholson makes his highly anticipated return to Tangled Audio with his two-track 'Nicholson EP 02', which includes two prime cuts of Tech-Trance madness.

'Crack On' opens the release with big tech-infused rolling basslines, fast paced percussion and a beautiful Uplifting arp melody that leads to the epic breakdown where the lead melody is introduced in full force. The climax of 'Crack On' is nothing short of Tech-Trance gold and features a lethal acid-infused drop that is quickly becoming Nicholson's trademark sound.

'Genius' finishes the release with just as much energy as 'Crack On', but with an even techier drop with a huge Electro inspired bassline after the breakdown that will surely please any dance floor.

A massive second outing on Tangled Audio by the amazingly talented Nicholson!

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