Mr Andre & KeyWork - Hesperus

Hungarian duo Mr Andre & KeyWork are responsible for release number ten on Sunstate Records. Hesperus "Evening Star" is a banging progressive tune with a perfect bassline and amazing synthwork. This melody has progressive written all over it.

On remix duties we have the talented producer Alex Byrka from Moldova. He continues with the progressive style from the Hungarian duo, but now shows us a another great side of the melody with powerful synthwork. This one has a melodic drop that surely makes one and another hit the dancefloor.

The other remix comes from Dutch producer Rene de Reus aka The Giant.With his recent single on Sied van Riel his Rielism part 3 compilation he surely is one to watch. This remix has a great and unique feeling with his superb basslines and melodic buildup.

The main melody combines the bassline with a great melodic trance drop. Sure this release will shine bright for all of your listeners!

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