Mr. Andre & KeyWork - Estelle

Our next release comes from Hungarian talent Mr Andre. 'Estelle' is a pure progressive bomb . The groovy basslines blended here with a massive drum set will shake you hard on the dancefloor ! The climax drives you to an amazing breakdown that hides images from the musical journey on "Estelle". Before you know comes the drop based on a tropical melody where the chords, combined with the supersaws and euphoric pianos, leading the listener to make pictures in mind of beautiful places and happy moments! Mr. Andre knows how to take you on a trip with his own perspective on Progressive Trance and this track is the guarantee of that! Remix from another brilliant Slovakian talent - Sollito! It's a very classy progressive trance where the sound is great and very beautiful melodies. This can be enjoyed to the full breakdown just heard in this track, there is heard a magical piano. It's very beautiful. Chords are no less beautiful throughout the track they make the whole atmosphere and set the tone. I want to note bass line, we love it, it is amazing. It needs to hear.

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