Mr Andre & Keywork - Borderline

Borderline concludes the summer season at Alter Ego Progressive with release 191! Letting the sunlight through one last time are Hungarian duo Mr Andre & Keywork making their first appearance on the label. Andre & Keywork blend a concoction of silky beats, warm undertones, sincere theme's, poignant top lines and a beautiful arrangement!

Borderline sets the tone with it's warm underlying simmering bass, tight flowing percussion, great atmospherics and a real treat of a theme! Slowly building up in the intro with teasing, tension building synth-work with an abdundance of warmth! The track then breaks into a rich string led breakdown coupled with delicate pianos and into an electric lead sequence! Building continuously into the climax leaving you with baited breath before unloading into a a firework finally! Glowing work for this new duo!

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