Morphic - Little Magic Angels EP

Greece-based Morphic a.k.a Chris Oblivion is the latest trance talent, already established his name on labels such as JOOF. Chris's signature techy edge and melodic top lines immediately caught the attention of Soho's A&R team who snapped Chris up for a series of releases on the main imprint.

His debut two track E.P. starts with Little Magic Angels - a lush melodic excursion set against a back drop of intricate fills and a powerful bottom end.

Rejuvenated Fireflies starts off as the tougher of the two tracks but by the time the drop arrives its melody all the way backed up by a haunting ethereal synth line. All in all a track of two extremes merged together in seamless style and finishing what is without doubt, an exciting debut from Chris Oblivion a.k.a Morphic!

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