Michael Milov - Not Alone (The Remixes)

32 on the label's list is a one hell of a remixes pack. The return of the stunning 'Not Alone' composition previously released by 'Michael Milov' but this time with three hard, clubby & punchy remixes.

Ellez Ria opens up the pack with a bouncy rush, flying across the build with powerful elements. With a euphoric break full of dreamy synths, the main lead captures the ear, yet to fade away opening the room for a building acid drop & a techy pump which will certainly move you. A track definitely made for a liveset.

Up next, Piotr Sawicki aka 'Sava' from Poland gives you the Uplifting techy version, even harder than the previous one, pretty much banging the roof out of the floor. Nearly nothing is calm in this remix even the majority of the break is made with hard synths & snares to almost a techno drop. Some parts of the melody intervene to retain that Trance state.

After being away for almost 3 years, Daniel Loubscher returns to the scene with a quality stroke mashing his old touch with the new generation vibe. Taking the bpm to a lower state, he gives the new sounds a darker feeling by creating clubby drops. A truly inspiring remix indeed.

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